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Hello everyone, welcome to my humble blog. Here I am going to put down some of my most important thoughts to share with you. I really like motivated public figures. They don’t particularly have to be rich and famous I much more admire someone who is driven and used their own natural abilities to make themselves into a success. I’m not the biggest rocky fan (being a women who doesn’t like boxing) but I find the story behind its creation amazing. Sylvester Stallone locking himself in his room and writing the script, finding funding and convincing the investors that he had to star in it. The story is a lot deeper but it illustrates that it is the mind set of an individual that can bring success.

To stay on the theme of 80’s action figures there is another natural leader who is very relevant in todays society and is extremely successful (minus a few recent hiccups) of course I’m talking about MR Schwarzenegger himself. What ever you think of Arnold there are a few characteristics that prevail that really make him a success you should watch his 6 secrets to success. I’m not going to use a picture of Arnold as it will make my blog look like some action hero shrine. I will leave that to the late Steve jobs you should also watch some of his motivational videos on YouTube.

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